Rosemount Development Trust is a community led charity, dedicated to designing and delivering projects which have a positive economic, environmental, or social benefit in Royston.

We rely on a committed membership base, made up of the residents and businesses in the community.

If you are passionate about driving positive change in your community, then why not join as a member to support our organisation.

Membership is open to all who subscribe to our Memorandum and Articles of Association.

To be a member you need to:

  1. have a G21 2 or a G33 1 postcode
  2. be 16 years old and over.
  3. entitled to vote at a local government election in a polling district that includes the ‘Community’ or part of it.
  4. support the aims, objectives, and activities of Rosemount Development Trust Limited

Being a member allows you voting rights at our AGM and the opportunity to sit on the organisation’s Board.

There are two categories of membership:

    Lives in either a G21 1 or a G33 1 postcode and is 16 or over and eligible to vote in local elections in a polling district including all or part of the community.
    Support the objects and activities of the company.
    Any individual whose main place of business or employment is within the ‘Community’ as defined in the Articles of Association.

Membership is free but a contribution, up to a maximum of £1 may be requested, in the event of the winding up of the Company.

Charitable Objects of the Company

The company has been formed to benefit the community of Royston and neighbouring districts.

  1. To prevent and/or relieve poverty, and particularly among residents of the Community.
  2. To relieve unemployment in such ways as may be thought fit, and particularly among residents of the Community.
  3. To advance citizenship and community development, particularly within the Community.
  4. To relieve those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship, or other disadvantage, and particularly among residents of the Community.
  5. To support such other similar charitable purposes for the benefit of the community within the Community as the directors may consider appropriate from time to time.


But only to the extent that the above purposes are consistent with furthering the achievement of sustainable development.

If you want to find out more about becoming a member or joining the board, please email or call us on 0141 552 1199