155th Anniversary

Birds-eye view – a photo taken from the Roystonhill Spire by our steeplejacks.

Today we commemorate that on 8th June 1866 – 155 years ago – the church on Roystonhill opened. The view must have looked very different back then.
What is now called Roystonhill Spire is the only remaining part of Townhead-Blochairn Parish Church, built in 1865-66 on Roystonhill (then known as Garngad Hill).
Designed by architects Campbell Douglas and Stevenson in the Gothic style, the church featured stained-glass windows by the world-famous William Morris company, interior design and glass by Glasgow artist Daniel Cottier and sculptures by John Mossman. In 1997 a group of local people got together and managed to save the historically important landmark spire after the church was sadly demolished. More photos of the church can be seen at
Some of the windows were preserved in the Burrell Collection.
Since 2005, Rosemount Development Trust​ have maintained the Spire and installed eco-efficient lighting. Landscape and environmental improvements to the Spire Park were made with funding from WREN FCC Scottish Action Fund and working in partnership with Spire View Housing Association, who opened their new Roystonhill Community Hub.